Now offering CLEANING and ORGANIZING services!

We are excited to now provide an IN-HOUSE CLEANING and ORGANIZING CREW to help better serve your moving needs! Our cleaning and organizing crew has over 20 years experience, and can clean or organize ANYTHING you need when moving in or out of your property! 

Cleaning Services


Light Duty, $30/HR per Team Member

  • Basic wipe down of counters, appliances and fixtures
  • Take down cobwebs
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Remove garbage and recycling
  • Sweep garage floors

Medium Duty, $30/HR per Team Member

  • Spot clean walls
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Take down cobwebs
  • Dust blinds and ceiling fans
  • Vacuum window sills/tracks
  • Scrub fixtures 
  • Vacuum along wall edges
  • Mop floors
  • Sweep/mop garage floors
  • Remove all garbage and recycling

Heavy Duty, $30/HR per Team Member

  • Thorough cleaning of ceilings, walls and doors
  • Scrub baseboards
  • Hand wipe blinds
  • Vacuum & scrub window sills/tracks
  • Deep clean on bathroom fixtures
  • Deep clean on kitchen appliances (stove, oven, fridge)
  • Vacuum and wipe inside/outside of all cupboards and drawers 
  • Remove and clean vent covers, vacuum debris from vents
  • Thorough vacuum of all floors
  • Scrub floors to crystal clean

Photo Ready, $30/HR per Team Member

Our team works with several local vendors. We can schedule  window cleaning, carpet shampooing or other related services for you. If we can not provide services needed, we will take care of the logistics to ensure your property is picture perfect!

Post Construction, $30/HR per Team Member

Have you just finished your dream home or completed a renovation on your property?                   Our cleaning crew will come in and put the finishing touches on every room for our customers. 

  • Sticker removal from appliances without scratching or destroying surface
  • Make sure fixtures and appliances are working properly
  • Remove construction dust from ceilings, walls, doors and baseboards
  • Vacuum and wipe inside/outside of all cupboards and drawers 
  • Wipe down appliances, fixtures and counter-tops
  • Remove and clean vent covers, vacuum debris from vents 
  • Vacuum new carpet thoroughly
  • Vacuum and mop hard floor surfaces
  • Notify client of any needed repairs or touch-ups

Organizing Services


Pre-Move Organizing

We understand how overwhelming it can be to get ready for a move. Our Pre-Move Organizing method is very simple. We work side by side with our clients to help them decide what to keep, throw away or give away.

Creating a More Efficient Living or Work Space

Our efficient crew is great at helping clients organize their belongings! So now you have everything unpacked, but where do you put it all of your goods?! Our professional organizers have a lot of low-cost, creative and effective ideas to help clients get the best use out of their available work or living areas

More Information

Price Rate

We charge $30 per team member per hour. 

We are happy to come out and do a FREE ITEMIZED ESTIMATE!

Cleaning Supplies are Provided

Our team will come prepared with all of the basic equipment and cleaning supplies we need to complete your job. Please provide any special products you would like us to use. For example, if you only use Bona floor products, or if you have a special chemical to use on your marble counter tops.

We Focus on PRE/POST MOVE-IN or MOVE-OUT Services

Our cleaning and organizing services are geared toward customers who are moving in or out of a property. We do not provide regularly scheduled  maintenance cleanings. 

Fast, Efficient and Detail Oriented

Our teams will be provided with a checklist based on the services requested by our clients. We will ensure that our job will be completed as fast and efficient as possible. All of our team members have an eye for the little details so that nothing will get overlooked.

Contact our Cleaning Department

To schedule cleaning services, contact Sarah Mitchell, our Operations Manager.

Call or text: 801-243-1550

Email:  parkcitymoving@gmail.com